How do I register my car for rent?

  1. Registration number
    Click the "Add my car" button on top of the page on the right hand side. Now fill in the registration number of your car. Check if all of the information is correct. The information is collected directly from Statens Vegvesens database. 
  2. Choose location and upload pictures

    If you activate "Location Services" on your profile the address from you current location will automatically be picked up by the system. You can also type the address in manually. Next step is to upload pictures of your car. Do this by clicking the upload button. Upload images of the cars four sides, the interior and other features if necessary. 

    You can drag and drop the files like this: 

    When you have uploaded the pictures, your car listing will be published with default settings and you are now one step closer to your first rental.

  3. Adjust price and mileage

    The price model will suggest certain default prices. You can easily change these to suit your car. You can also determine the maximum allowed mileage in a day, week and month. 

    If a renter exceeds the maximum limit you´ve set, they will have to pay a certain amount of NOK per extra kilometers driven. The default amount is 3 kroner, but you can change this amount to anywhere between 1-6 kroner. 

    In order for your car to be rented out as much as possible the price needs to be right. We recommend that you start with a low price to increase the demand from renters. When you have completed a few successful rental periods and received good reviews you can easily increase your prices. 

    To change your price settings press "My Cars" > choose the right car > click "Price and distance". Here you can determine price per hour, day, week and month. The same applies for mileage. 

    The price model:

  4. Update your calendar

    We recommend that you always keep you calendar updated. You can choose dates that are either "Guaranteed Available", "Unsure" or "Not Available". The dates that you do not update will automatically be listed as available. By keeping you calendar updated at all times you won´t have to receive requests on days that aren´t good for you. The renters base their car search on date and time and by keeping your calendar updated you will contribute to a good user experience for both parties. 

    Your car calendar looks like this: 


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