Pricing and mileage included

The price model will suggest certain default prices. You can easily change these to suit your car. You can also determine the maximum allowed mileage in a day, week and month. 

If a renter exceeds the maximum limit you´ve set, they will have to pay a certain amount of NOK per extra kilometers driven. The default amount is 3 kroner, but you can change this amount to anywhere between 1-6 kroner. 

In order for your car to be rented out as much as possible the price need to be right. We recommend that you start with a low price to increase the popular demand from renters. When you have completed a few successful rental periods and received good reviews you can easily increase your prices. 

To change your price settings press "My Cars" > choose the right car > click "Price and distance". Here you can determine price per hour, day, week and month. The same applies for mileage.  

The price model:

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