Changes to the rental

Extending or changing the date or time of the rental

We always recommend contacting the owner to make sure that these changes fit in their schedule. If you agree on the changes you can easily change the date and time on our website and app: 

On our website you can extend the rental by selecting "Change"/"Endre" next to delivery time in the conversation between you and the owner. When you have selected a new delivery time you send a new request to the owner and they can chose to the request or not.

FYI: You can only extend the rental, not shorten it. If you would like to shorten it you can contact us here.

In the app you can extend the rental by selecting te "i" in the top right corner of your conversation. There you select "Change"/"Endre" next to the delivery time and you will be able to send the owner a request for an extension.

NB! The renter is responsible for returning the car on time. It is important to actually change the time and date if you have agreed upon picking the car up or delivering the car at a different time. The insurance is only valid in the time stated on our website, and if you were to damage the car outside of these times you would be held completely responsible.  


Late delivery

If the renter returns the car leter the agreed upon without extending the rental they will be charged per extra hour the first 24 hours and after that they will be charged per day. 

E.g: If the renter returns the car 25 hours later then agreed upon they will be charged for 24 hours and 1 day.  


The renter want's to cancel the rental

If the renter wants to cancel the rental during the rental period the can do this in accordance with our terms for cancelling rentals. The renter then has to contact the owner and agree upon a time they can deliver the car.

If you want to cancel because you are experience trouble with the car and you can not continue driving it we ask that you contact us here.


The owner wants to cancel the rental

The owner is allowed to cancel the rental if the renter does not comply with's terms and conditions, the renter could damage the car or the renter is a danger others. If this is the case a representative at Nabobil will contact you with information regarding where and when you have to deliver the car and then rental will be terminated immediately. In this scenario has the right to remove your profile from our website.

The owner can also cancel the reservation is they suddenly need the car due to an emergency or an other reason. In this case Nabobil will help the renter find a new car if this is needed. 

Contact here if you have any further questions.

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